New uploads! Now in HD…

New uploads! Now in HD…

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving my intertubian friends!

Recently I’ve made a few updates to my website. First off, I’ve added an “archive” page. There you can find my older music videos, short films, commercials, and of course…The Real Luke. Check it out here

I’ve also taken advantage of YouTube’s HD abilities and uploaded Voxhaul Broadcast’s “Rotten Apples” video in High Definition. It really looks amazing. Just a few years ago I was so anti-youtube. The quality was bad, it took forever to stream, and it seemed like the site was lowering overall expectations of image quality. But now, I have to admit – using their site for an HD file provides a quicker and more accessible viewing experience than a quicktime of equal quality. For standard definition or smaller files, I still prefer quicktimes. But for HD…youtube’s options look really good.

And…here’s a trailer for the Super 8 film that I shot in Chile last summer, “Ching√≥n Aguilas: Turn It To 11.”

Check out the videos full screen, they really look great.


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