NYC 2011 NYE

NYC 2011 NYE

howdy y’all,

this last New Year’s I was fortunate enough to go to New York City and visit my good friends Troy & Daisy (you may remember her from this interview). earlier this year they left Hollywood and headed to the “Big City” and this was my first visit at their new home.

Troy & Daisy

it was still very much the Holidays in NYC. there were lights and decorations up all over. I especially enjoyed the Christmas Trees that some residents of Brooklyn had made. it’s not visible in this picture, but there’s an extension cord running from an upper story window to the top of the tree.

Bushwick lights

it’s a really gigantic city and in some ways feels bigger than LA. I suppose that’s a bit of what the VERTICAL nature of it imparts. we rode a LOT of different subways around the city. Troy knew the routes quite well, which was good because there are so many ups & downs, different platforms & different train lines it could get quite confusing! the subway system really wonderful and amazing. so easy to get from one place to another…and I’m sure you know how much I enjoy a good public transit system.

one thing I especially enjoyed was the art work in the subways. there were sculptures, mosaics, stained glass, and even a few un commissioned pieces.

angel mosiac

Myrtle Ave

gum eyez

we did a lot of walking as well. the weather really cooperated with that. on only one day did it got down to below 30 degrees. and for the most part it was sunny. the idea of the City covered in snow is compelling, but at the same time – not freezing at all times was pleasant as well.

Central Park walk

grown together

lost revelry

of course, no trip to a new city would be complete for me without sampling the local cuisine. we had pizza, mexican (go figure), street dogs, cannoli, pastrami, egg creme, and an amazing dinner at the restaurant Marlow & Sons. it’s one of those places that is constantly changing up their menu as they secure new, fresh ingredients. it was remarkable food. we all ordered different dishes and each was amazing. I imagine it’s quite fun to be a chef at a place like that.

Egg Creme Soda (no egg included)
Egg Creme Soda


the museums were also incredible. I think one could easily spend a week doing nothing put exploring them and STILL not see everything they have to offer. the MET had an incredible collection of Impressionist works. and an amazing amount of Monet’s…since that is my favorite movement AND my favorite artist I was in heaven. I can’t wait to go back and spend more time with their collection.

here is one of my favorites.
Ile aux Orties near Vernon

however, I can’t say the same for this kid – who was content to play a game on his iPad, surrounded by one of the most impressive collections of art I’ve ever seen.

KIDS THESE DAYS!!! (amiright???)
iPad > priceless art

it was a really great trip. so much fun to explore a new city and spend time with my good friends. I can’t wait to go back.

lots more pictures on my flickr right here.


p.s. check out my winter beard! it’s back =)

M-line scarf

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  • Heidi Holden Brummond
    Posted at 22:30h, 08 June Reply

    This is great. Troy is my brother and itmakes me want to visit soon. Looks like a great time. The pics are really nice thanks:)

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