Poppy Reserve

Poppy Reserve

hey friends,

back in April, my sister Teal visited Los Angeles and we had the opportunity to take a little day trip out to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. as you may know from the news, or my previous blog on Anza Borrego, this was a BANNER YEAR for wildflowers in California… the draught ended, we got record rains, and the sun shown at all the right times.

I’ve had the photos for a while, but, well… life has been intruding. apologies for not getting them up and online for y’all sooner.


this was my first trip to the Poppy fields and after seeing the fields of flowers at Anza Borrego, I wasn’t sure I could be impressed by it. but, boy was I wrong. this place was INCREDIBLE. everywhere you looked there were large swaths of orange painted across the hills and fields. as you got closer, violet, blue, and yellow flowers would emerge in the midst of the orange.



Teal and I picked the longest loop and begin to walk. birds sang around us. lizards skittered across the past. and the wind rustled in through the grass. on the hike out we only encountered a half-dozen people. it was so beautiful and peaceful.

by the time we headed back, the park had begun to fill out. rolling out of the parking lot we saw a line of probably 40+ cars trying to get in. so if you ever make a trip out there, make sure to arrive early.


bacon on a bench

you can see the full gallery at my Flickr, right here.

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