The Real Luke: Pursuance of Justice

The Real Luke: Pursuance of Justice

howdy there my internets friends!

this is THE REAL LUKE the boring Luke had to get manicured or whatever those metropolitainexuals do.

you may be wondering why Im filling in this week on the blog? It’s because my latest project has priemiered on the intranet! and I wanted to tell you the story – first hand about THE REAL LUKE: PURSUANCE OF JUSTICE, a major motion picture coming soon!

it all started when HOLLYWOOD came knocking… needless to say, I answered their call!!!

Apparently they’d seen my Coca-Cola commercial that I filmed in Chile. They told me I had “it” (whatever that is) and that they wanted to make a major motion picture deal with me!

Of course I said yes!!! After interviewing a few directors…and turning them all down, I decided to direct myself. After all, no one knows the Real Luke like the Real Luke knows him!

soon I was off to sunny Southern California. it was a long trek, so my beard got pretty bushy. haha!

the first thing that was up was to go location scouting. (I won the hat and sweatshirt by taking 2nd place in a guitar solo competition, but that’s another story!!!)

desert road

it didn’t take me long to find the spots I like – I’m desisive!

another shot in the making

soon it was time for the shoot. this is as “Hollywood” as I get. Haha!!!

3rd look

the producers told me this was a “gorilla shoot” but I didn’t see the KING of the jungle anywhere! he probably knew better than to mess with The REAL Luke

Luke, Kevin, and John

this fellow John was odd, but he took good “footage” – have to remember to bring him along on my next big game hunt to record my trophies!!!

final shot

heres me directing! I’m pretty good at it! they kept saying I had great “chops” and they hadn’t even scene me with my hatchet yet!!! LA people are funny!
that's right

the next day we went deep into the desert. here is my cast!

the cast

this guy is a REAL hillbilly. we paid him in moonshine and “tabaccee”

Hillbilly Tony

the action scenes where intense! I do all my own stunts!

stunt work

I was genuinely scared for my life here! wouldn’t you be???

chase 2
afraid (not acting)
chase 3

after the desert we headed into the mountains and I trimmed off the rest of my beard.

I was sad to see it go…but the film required it!

river posing

after all, what would take a normal man a year to grow only took me a couple months!!! haha!

for some reason the producers couldn’t get a real bigfoot for the shoot. I mean, if they’d done there homework – they’d know I was the ultimate BIGFOOT trapper!!!

monster POV

Monster strangles

John, Matt, and Luke FIGHT!

well that’s enough of me talking – time to show you the goods!!!

check it out in highly-defined video too!

-The Real Luke

p.s. more of me at

  • Clovis Blackwell
    Posted at 09:17h, 30 September Reply


  • teal
    Posted at 10:21h, 30 September Reply

    love the behind the scenes photos. thanks for sharing, TRL!

  • sherrie
    Posted at 15:38h, 30 September Reply

    You boys have all the fun! What do your womenfolk do while you’re away makin’ movies? NOTHING. THAT’S WHAT. NOTHING. WE JUST WAIT. AND CRY.

    PS kudos on making up the word “metropolitainexuals”. Sounds like a drink and a person all rolled into one.

  • Gwen
    Posted at 20:16h, 16 October Reply

    I’ve watched this a bunch of times (>9 and <49)and it still makes me giggle!

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