today’s epic social marketing fail.

today’s epic social marketing fail.

so early today I got an email from an acquaintance regarding a contest that a large HUGE mega corp is holding.

here’s the message:

Subject: Microsoft 7 Shorts Contest for $$$

My friend, [NAME REMOVED] told me about this contest. He works for [NAME REMOVED] and they are recruiting videographers to create extremely short (7 second!) videos about Microsoft Windows 7.

Here’s the deal:

They’re sending videographers a free copy of Windows 7. You then need to make up to seven different 7 second videos about one of the new W7 features. Each clip that gets accepted will earn $50 (so, if you submit a string of 7 short videos that are decent quality, you’d get $350 upfront). In addition, the 10 best videos they receive will each earn an additional $700 bonus (good odds, because they don’t expect that many entries), and ALL of the videos will have a chance of appearing in a national MSFT Windows 7 campaign.

Would you be interested? Anyone who wants more info should email [NAME REMOVED]

Good luck!

Seriously? $50???

Doritos…yes the snack maker DORITOS is giving away 5 MILLION DOLLARS. Check out this article in USA Today.

Wait, what am I saying, this is actually a GREAT opportunity for a director with real vision to show off unlimited creative potential and the awesomeness of Windows 7 AND make some serious loot in the process.

Now where did I leave my VHS-C camera?


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  • teal
    Posted at 11:18h, 02 November Reply

    hmmm. suddenly i have a craving for doritos.

    and feel no further impulse to investigate windows 7. interesting.

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