top 2011 iPhone pics

top 2011 iPhone pics

howdy friends,

as camera phone technology continues to improve, more and more of my photos are being taken w/ my iPhone. the pictures I take are very much a representation of where I’ve been and what I’ve found interesting. sure there’s a few sunset photos in there – but for the most part I try and capture the little details that make each experience unique. here are some of my favorites from 2011 (in roughly the order they were taken).

alone in blue

1st chair

mist and Liz

Hollywood will be closed

golden Capital

mint & Matysiak



coffee break

omni bridge

read the why

san marcos

blue & gold

afternoon espresso


frozen leaf

double rainbow

Troy texts

you can see all 40+ of my favorites in the Flickr set. just scroll look for the ones at towards the bottom here.

and in the next couple weeks, look for a new interview with my good friend and fellow director Chris Louie!!


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