Updating Paige: Update

Updating Paige: Update

hey friends,

so a week after directing “Certified” I directed a webseries pilot for a show called “Updating Paige.” it’s “a comedic take on the world of social networking from the perspective of a girl trying to keep it from taking over her life.” as we all know, sites like facebook are playing an ever increasing larger role in our day-to-day lives.

it was exciting to get hired to direct someone ELSE’S material. I’m so used to doing my own shorts & music videos – it’s been a while since I’ve brought another writer’s words to the screen. there’s been a few potential opportunities, but the material just wasn’t right.

even though the schedule made September super hectic for me, the material made it worth the trouble. plus, I got to work with a couple people who’ve been on my list of “people to collaborate with.” our producer is Jenny Napier is a fellow SFSU alum, and our DP, Matt Irwin has worked on several of my other projects in the camera department. it was great to get to work with them on a creative and fun project. I’m sure we’ll work together again…hopefully soon on more “Updating Paige.” =)

I’ve got some great stories from the production including: grumpy shop owners, yelling landlords, blown fuses, noisy crickets, and late nights in Pasadena. a big thank you to the people of Jones Coffee who graciously let us use their coffee shop. if you live in the LA area…and like really good coffee w/o the attitude (*coughINTELIGENSIAcough*) check out Jones.

until the edit is complete…here are some pictures from the shoot.

Finnley & Adrienne between takes
Paige & Stacy

Matt & I discuss a shot
Matt & Luke

getting Andrew ready for his stunt
now, do it with feeling!

post-stunt laughs

and you can follow along with the project at:



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