where’s waldo?

where’s waldo?

hey there,

a month or so ago, Angel and I were talking about Werner Herzog’s amazing film “The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans” . it’s arguably Nic Cage’s best performance. ever. and I think an under appreciated film. after viewing the film, Angel sent me this little video, also from Mr. Herzog.

there’s many things I like about it:

1.) I used to spend hours looking at “Where’s Waldo” books

2.) there are some Waldo’s I never found

3.) part of the joy of adulthood is being able to look back at the things that intrigued you from your youth with new eyes. this silly and farcical take on the Waldo books plays with the notion that sometimes we read a little too much into that look back. sometimes there isn’t a meta message or an insidious goal or themes within themes. sometimes there’s just fun.


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  • teal
    Posted at 19:04h, 10 March Reply

    nice. his accent makes it all that much better.

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